11 Month Advance Notice

Tonight I spent hours looking through Regretsy.  Apparently I haven’t been there in quite a while.  Hilarious!  Warning: there are some inappropriate items on Regretsy (well, technically, they are from Etsy).  Regretsy puts all the crazies together for us to mock.  It’s pretty amazing.  I keep wondering if I actually know anyone who would want an Avatar body suit.  Weirdos.

Besides making my husband and I laugh out loud, I found two jewels, which I hereby request for Christmas (hint, hint, W).

The Etsy seller BeatUpCreations sells the most amazing plates!  If one was ordered each month, I’d have a full 12 piece set, wrapped lovingly under our tree…

zombie couple

E.T., The Extra Terrestrial


I’d also settle for just one of these:

I am the walrus

All photos from BeatUpCreation’s Etsy store.

Also on Regretsy, some figurines by Jessica Harrison that would look lovely in my home.



Images from jessicaharrison.co.uk.

Did I mention that I love zombie movies?


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