365 Project

I’m on Day 13 of my first 365 Project.  I’m superstitious, so posting this on Day 13 is either a good omen or a bad one.  I’ve been known to stop my car and turn around if a black cat crosses my path.  No sense in tempting fate, right?

You may have already seen my Post A Day 2011 FAIL, and I know how I am with commitment to creative projects.  My stupid bar chairs are still uncovered – because I can’t find my staple gun!  Really?  Staple guns are like $10 at Wal Mart!

So, here goes with a year of photos.  I’m hoping I have a theme – on Day 8 of doing the project I figured I’d incorporate music into each photo since it’s something I listen to or am in contact with every day (my husband owns a recording studio).  We’ll see if the theme continues.  It’s actually something I’ve often struggled with in photography, even before this project.

Forgive the photos of food (I brought the theme into it with a bowl of ramen noodles, though, yay!).  If I get home and have absolutely no desire to leave (it’s cold outside), you’ll probably see what I eat for dinner.  Let’s hope there are lyrics about turkey sandwiches.

Check out my 365 set on my Flickr page!

Here’s my most recent photo, taken with an iPhone.  There’s no excuse for me failing since I have my iPhone with me all the time…

Day 13 - Sister of Night (get it?)



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