I have been a member for years.  I love flickr!  It is a great opportunity to view beautiful photos from around the world, by people who love and appreciate photography in all its forms.  You can add “contacts” on flickr so that you can see recent uploads on your home page.  If you like someone’s photostream (a link to mine is located to your right on this page…), you can continue to keep updated on what they post!  I’ve found interesting work on flickr and followed several contacts for years, watching them grow and checking out their other websites, such as blogs, tumblrs, twitter accounts, and Facebook pages.  I recently became a contact for a flickr member who blogged a photo of mine:

Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan Province, China

First of all, how exciting!  So many people have reblogged the photo from that I’ve gotten a big head this afternoon!  Thanks, guys!

Second, in searching the contact’s profile, I found that the contact is actually a “they,” and the couple has a beautiful blog called Orange Juice, ETC.  I absolutely love it!  What a wonderful find!

Enjoy looking through their blog – I know how I’m spending the remainder of the workday (and many more)!


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