Starbuck and Starbuck in Starbucks

Last night a friend reminded me of this photo:

It’s Starbuck and Starbuck, in Starbucks!  I’m also reminded of my previous post, oh so long ago on August 1, about my Halloween costume.  Well, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  This month has gone by so quickly that I haven’t had a chance to even think about my costume.  Plus, Halloween is on a Monday night this year.  Boo.  The Cooters are playing in Oxford on Halloween, and I haven’t seen them play since last Halloween!  (They rock, check them out!)  But it’s a Monday – once again, boo.  Yes, I’m a boring person who can’t function at work if I go out the night before.  So I just don’t.

Also, I haven’t started the exercise regimen that I meant to start back on August 1.  There’s no way you’re getting me into a sleeveless Battlestar Galactica uniform at the moment.  But thinking about how hopeful I was in August disappoints me.  I also started reading a friend’s blog today about his struggle to start eating better, and it inspired me.  So, here are my goals.  I’m hoping that putting them out here like this will make me more accountable.

  • Start eating better, adding more produce to my diet.  I’m on a budget, and I usually rely on things that are cheap.  Also, I love to cook, and the recipes I often choose aren’t really diet-friendly.  So, enough of that!  My mother also gave us her juicer, and like my friend, I’d like to incorporate fresh juice into my diet 5 days a week.  Thanks Evan!
  • Start walking every day.  My job has its stressful days, more often than not.  So, I’ll be honest, I’m bad about plopping down on the couch as soon as I get home.  I’m reading, knitting, or watching tv, but I’m definitely not moving around too much.  If I can just get over that initial desire to sit down, as if I hadn’t been sitting enough all day, I’ll be golden.  I have tried and tried to start exercising in the morning, but I’m just not made that way.  It is physically impossible to move me from my bed if I can put off whatever is getting me up.  I have no will power when it comes to rising.
  • Begin the Couch to 5K program after 1 month of walking every day.  I have it on my phone.  I’ve started it twice.  I will do this, bitches!
  • Reduce my intake of Diet Coke.  Yes, it’s my crack, and it’s bad.
  • Live more healthily to take care of my organs – get more water and produce in my diet.  They’re hard to replace, so I need to keep them happy.
So, I think I can live with these.  I’m hoping it will come more easily as I get started.  And no more “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.”  But really, I’m going to start tomorrow.    

One thought on “Starbuck and Starbuck in Starbucks

  1. Well, if that is that only thing my blog ever does then I will consider it a success. Good luck on the juicing! Let me know if you come up with any good recipes. Oh, and please keep me updated about your progress. I have yet to make an exercise goal, so you have inspired me to do that. I am very interested in the couch to 5k program. I have done a few 5ks, but always walking – then dragging towards the end.

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