Day Four: Steak!

Today was a lazy Sunday – slept late again, woke up and made some eggs and ate half a banana, and finished up the first season of The Killing on Netflix.  We snacked just a little on almonds and walnuts during the day but otherwise were not hungry (we are generally prone to snacking – salsa and chips usually).  We both had to run to work for a couple hours each but reconvened to plan dinner.  I bought some grass-fed filets yesterday at our Farmer’s Market and some brussels sprouts.  I roasted the brussels sprouts with bacon while the hubs grilled our steaks.  The only thing missing was red wine!  We live in Mississippi, and apparently Jesus doesn’t drink on Sundays (except if it is football season).  I declared that we should make this exact same meal Friday night so that we can enjoy some wine with dinner!

The brussels sprouts recipe is from Nom Nom Paleo, a website I found just today.  Delish!  My husband actually liked them – this new diet may just be a success around here.  He also made some compound butter – not Paleo, but we’re taking baby steps…


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