Day 6 and 7

Yesterday for lunch I had a salad with lots of protein. A remaining pork chop, egg, 1/2 slice of bacon, tomato, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, and onions. It was a really great salad for making one at home – you know how salads are often crappy when you make them at home?  This one was surprisingly good.

We’re really using our grill as part of this 30 day challenge, and we had some grilled zucchini and grilled bratwurst on a bed of sauerkraut for dinner. Now, before you question that, the bratwurst is from local happy pigs, so I say that is Paleo. Sauerkraut? Maybe not, but it is low in carbs.

My husband is really struggling. He has been so hungry, he says. Today he wished that a loaf of bread could be baked inside our den around him so he could eat his way out of the room. Last night, he ate some lettuce with sriracha as a snack! That doesn’t sound normal.

So, I remembered a sweet potato recipe I saw on Nom Nom Paleo. I think he’s going to be ok! Hamburgers on lettuce with sweet potato fries for dinner. Almost his normal thing…

Does anyone out there have suggestions for snacks? We’ve been eating almonds, walnuts, and carrots. I had a banana today after work as a snack, but I imagine that too much fruit isn’t good. Thanks!

Update: I did some research and found this website:

What a great resource!  I’m definitely going to keep some of these ideas in my head for when the hubs is “famished” and about to eat lettuce.

Also, I realize that this blog is probably boring to those of you following it since it just lists my food (gross) and has no photos.  I realized that I had become that person who posts photos of food on Instagram (even grosser), so I’ve stopped taking iPhone photos of meals.  At the moment, I’m completely swamped with my job and teaching, so I haven’t had the time to devote to nice, pretty food photos.  I promise to do that soon, though, and maybe you’ll stick around.


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