Still here! Day Twelve

We’re now on Day Twelve.  The hubs doesn’t want to eat through a loaf of bread anymore.  He has discovered Redbridge Beer (Gluten Free) and feels like a member of society again.  You do have to understand that here in the South you’re handed a drink at any type of gathering.  Is it just us?

I feel like we’re really getting in the groove.  We did add some cheese this weekend (shredded, atop salads), but other than that and two uses of butter, we’ve been dairy-free and soy-free as well.  I even sauteed stir-fry vegetables, chicken, and bok choy in coconut oil, onions, garlic, ginger paste, and some liquid aminos.  Yep, I used them.  While the taste was fine, I read into it a little more and am surprised about the manufacturing process.  In my desire to do it right, I went overboard trying to buy all the “right” things.  Not sure where I saw the suggestion for liquid aminos, but now that I know a gluten-free tamari exists, I think I’ll try that.  A little soy instead of hydrochloric acid?  Fine by me.

Oh, and I’ve lost a few pounds!  Woot woot!



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