Day 15 and 16

Things are going well here on this green planet.  We are feeling quite fine and no longer craving bread, although we were tempted.  I’ve lost 7 pounds, and my comrade has lost over 12!

Last night I was tempted by cheese bread from a local pizza place.  It is our favorite spot to have drinks, and the food is good too.  Their pizza is awesome.  I refrained from picking the cheese off the top of the cheese bread which had been ordered by one of my friends.  Hubs and I had not eaten at all and didn’t plan to eat until we got home from happy hour, and that damn cheese bread just kept staring at me.  Motivation and determination prevailed, and we went home having conquered that craving and ate a nice stir fry with bok choy, chicken, and mixed vegetables.

Then we watched the Goonies.  It was more amazing than the time Michael Jackson came to my house to use the bathroom.

I smell ice cream.

Today has been blah, but I’m hoping to make some coconut milk ice cream.  It has gotten really hot, and I could use something nice and fresh and cool.  Project for tonight, perhaps?


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