Day 27…

We’ve been awesome.  Yes, awesome.  Largely our lunches have been salads, loaded with chicken or bacon (sometimes deli turkey or ham, I know, I know), lots of veggies, gluten-free (but some dairy) dressing.  We’ve been using our grill for almost all our dinners, except for curry and stir fry.  Breakfast, if we’re even hungry, is usually eggs and bacon or just an omelet.  It’s worked out really well, and like I said, we’re “on board.”  Today, though, my husband had a real shit day.  You know, learning stuff about people you trust, whatever.  He was not in a good mood when I got home.  I, on the other hand, wanted to celebrate that I finished teaching Intro to Law for undergrads today and even graded all the finals this afternoon.

Aside: I had a football player in my class.  We take football very seriously around here.  I had no idea, even though once I found out I couldn’t believe I didn’t realize it when we started due to his sheer size and tendency toward wearing sweatpants.  Academic counselors email you, because they are supposed to, but it seems like they want you to know so that you’ll be a “team player.”  It ruffled my feathers a little.  I’ve had athletes in my class before, but the counselors haven’t been as relentless with other sports.  I guess football is what brings in a lot of money, so I guess I understand the enthusiasm.  Still, this guy was great.  When he wrote discussion questions on tests, he got it.  But he showed a lack of motivation.  Sad, really.  I saw real flashes of brilliance, to my surprise (and yes, I admit that I didn’t expect much).  When I said I had a football player in my class, undoubtedly someone would say, “You’re gonna pass him, right?”  Luckily he earned it (barely), but that attitude sets up athletes for failure.  Not many go on to professional football.  They need something to fall back on, like a college education worth something!  If they can’t even write an email how will they ever be able to function in a real job?  Rant, over.

So, tonight, due to the bad attitude I sensed when I got home, I suggested sushi.  We have not eaten out at all, except that I had a shrimp salad one time during this month.  I think my husband needed to talk to someone besides me, even if it was just our sweet waitress (I love her!).  We went to Kroger and picked up some gluten-free Tamari, which I kept in my purse.  HA!  Reminds me of taking beer to the movies in high school.  We avoided the wasabi too, since it depends on what brand whether there is gluten in it or not, and I didn’t want to ask.  We also didn’t eat the miso soup, which made me sad.  Anyway, I had the chirashi dinner, which is just sashimi on a bed of sushi rice.  Hubs had the sushi dinner, which was just sushi and a California roll.  He threw caution to the wind and ate some nori, which might or might not have gluten.  (What did we do before iPhones?)

I’m stuffed.  I haven’t had this many carbs in weeks now.  I probably ate 1/2 cup of sushi rice, and I feel like a huge glutton.  I also didn’t exercise today so I’m feeling extra fat.  Ugh.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

We are THOSE people.

This is a wasabi person riding a daikon radish. Since I didn’t know about the wasabi there, I just removed his head and smushed it in hopes that they would think I ate some.

Finally, I’ve started taking 2 -3 fish oil tablets each day.  I was concerned that we weren’t eating any fish because the hubs doesn’t like it, except for fried catfish and sushi.  I also started taking a probiotic because I’ve noticed some… changes… in the processing of my food.  Apparently it happens.  (snicker)  Like I said, what did we do before the fabulous internet?  Trial and error, as I remember.

So, perhaps today was a set-back.  But we avoided gluten as much as we could.  Sometimes being supportive requires some sacrifice.

Also, I promise I’m not one of those “Oh, WE love” whatever, be it a hotel, a restaurant, a game…  I just talk about the hubs and me as “we” since we’re doing this together.  But WE do love the Yankees.  Happy Birthday, Captain.


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