Jumped Off the Wagon

We made it to 28 days.  While I wanted to complete the 30 day challenge, I just couldn’t help myself last night.  Let me explain.

The Flaming Lips actually played in our town as part of a world-record-breaking tour (most shows in 24 hours).  While I’ve always found the Guinness Book of World Records to be dumb (I mean, really, it’s like baseball stats – you can be a world record holder in just about anything – most hits in the second inning when there are 25 people in the stands and 1 bird flies over, whatever), it was pretty cool.  I really like the Flaming Lips, although I’ve been disappointed in the last few records.  Transmissions from the Satellite Heart, though, is one of my favorites.  I used to set my alarm clock to wake me up with “Turn It On.”  And of course, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

So, I got home from work fully intending to complete the 30 days.  My husband was drinking gluten-free beer with a friend at our house, so I joined them.  We then went to have dinner, and at dinner, I leapt of the wagon.  Although I had a salad that would be Paleo-friendly, I drank 3 beers!  I just thought that I didn’t want to drink liquor or wine, and that beer was an alternative that would be readily available at the show.  So, I fell.  We both fell.

The Flaming Lips only played for 15 minutes since they are traveling in buses to each location.  They still had 1 show to go last night, and we saw them at 11:30!  They played two Led Zeppelin covers and then “Do You Realize?” which was good.  I had one beer at the show (for a total of 4 over several hours) – I felt so incredibly guilty for not having the will power to make it two more days.  I started drinking water thinking it would help.  My stomach this morning said, “Talk to the hand.”

This may be a little too much information, but bear with me if you are interested.  I have never been one that is really in tune with my body.  I never have paid attention to what it tried to tell me, unless I just knew I had a cold, or a turned ankle – things that were super obvious.  I’ve had stomach “issues” for a few years now, but I chalked it up to lazy eating habits, not any sort of problem.

I didn’t know what to expect this morning.  I had hoped that my husband was the one who would be most relieved by the Paleo lifestyle (in fact, he is probably still asleep, so I’ll be able to update his gluteny status later today).  It seems that even if I am not gluten intolerant, I do have some sort of reaction.  I didn’t drink enough to be hungover, and I drank a lot of water, so the way I’m feeling right now should be pretty true to the change in my diet.

I feel bloated.

I have an inability to focus (perhaps I’m tired though, only got 6 hours of sleep).

My lower stomach hurt this morning (still does), and I had a horrible experience in the bathroom.  Not going any further with that.

So, it seems that I was benefiting greatly from the Paleo lifestyle, AND I was able to listen to my body.  Climbing, with my tail between my legs, back on the wagon.


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