Day 30!!!

So, besides the slip up on Day 28, we did it.  Trust me, I’m paying for Day 28’s mistakes.  I took some photos of our meal tonight.  Remember I did say that I was going to take some photos, back on Day 1, I think?

While I watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I made cauliflower garlic fauxtatoes from  I have GOT to make some of her Asian recipes.  They look great.

rough choppin’ garlic

before the steaming

i love green onions as a garnish

finished product

The hubs did not like them – more for me, right?  Apparently he only likes cauliflower roasted with bacon.  Since I made them before we started the rest of the meal, I ate about half of them before it was even finished!

I couldn’t get enough of Planet of the Apes, so I turned on the original – Netflix Instant rules!  We had grilled chicken breasts (marinated in my new favorite marinade, Lea & Perrin’s Marinade for Chicken), grilled sweet potato (about an hour on the grill – so good), and some grilled zucchini.  Sweet potatoes are huge!  I ate only half of mine.

i bought these weird round zucchini at the farmer’s market. ended up being kinda like a pumpkin inside. long ones are better.

a little olive oil, salt, and pepper

And, dinner!

Tomorrow I plan to write a review of this month and where I plan to go from here.  Schlaf Gut!


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