5 Day Weekend!

I haven’t had a day off in forever.  I decided to take off Thursday and Friday to make my weekend a 5 Day Weekend!  Woo!  Party starts tonight!  Just kidding.  Going home to “play” Zombies Run! on the treadmill, then having some friends over to grill out afterwards.  Guess what is my new best friend?  The grill.  I can throw just about anything on it, and it will be good.  I’m trying to think of what I can make tonight for dinner…  Maybe kebabs, maybe grilled chicken wings (best food on the planet), perhaps some stuffed jalapenos.  I’ll let the Farmer’s Market talk to me this afternoon.  Maybe I can even sneak out a few minutes early…

This weekend is going to be full of productive stuff, I just know it.  I’m helping my husband paint his studio and clean up for a televised music special that will be recorded this weekend.  I also plan to take a drive into the country to take some photos – I want to have a booth at an upcoming festival and need some country “flavor” in my work.  Plus, people from outside the South will buy any photo with cotton (or other various agricultural things), guitars/musicians (especially old ones), or landmarks.  I’d love to make some money from what I would call “commercial” work rather than the projects I’m currently working on.  I’ve gotten off track.

I am just so happy with how this is going that I am not going to stop.  I’ll let y’all know about tonight’s party eats.


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