On Beer and Soft-Boiled Eggs

Still doing the Paleo thing!  I have been a little lax about some things (had some ice cream last night), but really, I haven’t had bread except for the last horrible time I ate pizza.  I was even faced, sadly, with a Southern funeral and escaped almost unscathed (peanut butter pie sans crust, you devil you).

My exercising has lapsed, but I am ready to get back to it.  I’m not quite sure what happened, maybe because it is 120 billion degrees outside or something?  Perhaps I should look into a gym.

While I still haven’t had bread, I’ve had a few beers.  Unfortunately my journey into eating Paleo coincides with a new law in Mississippi that now allows high gravity beer to be sold here.  While I am super happy that my state has rejected an antiquated and Baptist-driven area of blue laws (we have plenty more to do in other areas, rest assured), it has made it hard not to try some of the previously forbidden fruit!  Last night I drank an Ovila Dubbel (7.5%!).  Luckily, these new beers are tasty but heavy, and it seems they should be enjoyed by drinking just one glass rather than 6…  Also, my friend is opening a craft beer store, and he wants to be able to order whatever his customers want that is on the Mississippi “list” of appropriate beers to be sold in state.  Joe’s Craft Beer is where I’ll be requesting some of the gluten-free beers not previously available, so that’s good!

Here’s a little about what I’ve been eating lately.  I’ve discovered the joys of soft-boiled eggs.

Two soft-boiled eggs on top of a simple salad, with turkey, tomatoes, and romaine.

I really like using soft-boiled eggs because the runny yolk (if you like that sort of thing) makes up for no dressing.  It’s really good!  I’m not so good at peeling them (see above).  I just put two eggs into a small saucepan, bring to a rolling boil, then reduce where there are still small bubbles coming to the top (not exactly a low simmer, more like medium-low).  Keep them in that for 4 minutes, and they should be perfect.  No tricks like putting a match in the water or covering them.

I also made some dark chocolate bark to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Sorry, there are no photos because I ate all of it.  I used this recipe from Mark’s Daily Apple as a guideline.  I used pistachios and dried cherries, and I couldn’t find 85-90% cacao in my local store, so I just found the lowest sugar dark chocolate I could.  It was really good, and just a little dab’ll do ya.

I’m off to the store soon (completely out of toothpaste, tomatoes, and coffee), and I’ve got some cooking on the schedule today.  I picked up some local Italian sausage from our Farmer’s Market, and I’m making tomato sauce again!  It’s just really versatile in addition to serving on top of spaghetti squash – we ate some on top of two over-medium eggs, and I felt almost like I was back at L&M eating Eggs in Purgatory…

What are YOU eating this week?


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