Watermelon Carnival

The Watermelon Carnival in Water Valley, Mississippi is happening right now.  Last night, we went to the Crawdad Hole Water Valley to eat some totally Paleo cajun boiled shrimp.  I even ate a New Orleans-style snoball because it was THAT hot.  Those snoballs go perfectly with the shrimp, boiled peanuts (I ate one), and the crab legs they sell there.  What a great idea!

The Crawdad Hole Water Valley is the sister (or son?) restaurant of the Crawdad Hole in Jackson, Mississippi.  It began by boiling crawfish, one of my favorite springtime treats and theirs are the best!  Now that crawfish season is over, they have shrimp, crab legs, boiled peanuts, sausage, corn, taters, and snoballs, and will be adding more to their menu as time goes one.  I’ve heard talk of crawfish tamales (whoa nelly) and New Orleans style shrimp po-boys on Gambino’s bread.  I might have to try one of those, eventually.  Luckily it is easy to stick to Paleo when there, even if the snoballs have a lot of sugar!

Here are a few photos.  Last night just made me smile, so I have to share.

The building is on Main Street, and it was once a gas station. They have kept the gas pumps, and you can eat outside or in the air-conditioned inside dining area. I love people-watching from the outside tables.

Tiger Blood Snoball, the best flavor in my opinion.

Peel and eat! We split about 1.5 pounds… So good with the house Cajun seasoning that is super hot!

Justin, owner and cook extraordinaire, came out and let us try the crab legs.  We’ll be splitting shrimp and crab legs next time!

We got a surprise fireworks show too! Such a good night. Thanks Water Valley and the Crawdad Hole!


2 thoughts on “Watermelon Carnival

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