Joe’s Craft Beer!

Stepped outside tonight to run to the beer store, and this is what we saw:

The sky looked crazy tonight!  I think we might have some bad weather coming our way.  Good thing we just stocked up on some beer for the night!

We have a new beer store in Oxford!  Joe’s Craft Beer opened today!  Joey is a friend from way back, and he has been brewing his own beer for a while and working at a brewery until just recently when he decided to open a craft beer store in Oxford.  We haven’t had anything like this until now, because of the % alcohol restrictions that were increased on July 1 for the State of Mississippi.  There are lots of options there, even some gluten-free options!  Here is our haul:

mine are on the left.

We’re also making some pulled pork in the Crock Pot.  Serving on a sweet potato as soon as it’s done.  Recipe might come if it turns out well!  Now to watch the Yankees win, then Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


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