Almost Barbecue

So, I live in Mississippi.  I’m from Tennessee.  We know a little bit about barbecue down here.  I grew up on whole hog barbecue from Scott’s BarBQue in Lexington, Tennessee.  *A documentary focusing on whole hog barbecue and Scott’s is available here.*

While I wish I had a smoker so I could just smoke my own meat, whole or not, I don’t.  Perhaps I should invest in one.  Anyway, the Crock Pot is not something I use often, but it does have some really good uses.  Making “Almost Barbecue” is one of them.

I picked up a picnic roast from the store on Monday, but you could also use a Boston Butt.  I use a marinade called Wicker’s in which to cook the pork.  It is cheap, and it is just a basic vinegar bbq sauce like I grew up on.  The ingredients are: vinegar, spices, salt.

I put about 1.5 to 2 cups of Wicker’s in the Crock Pot, add the meat, and then turn it on high for several hours.  When ready, the meat will be fork tender and come apart like pulled pork barbecue.  It really is a good alternative to real barbecue.

We served some pulled pork on top of a baked sweet potato, with green onions, barbecue sauce, and a little sour cream.  Really good stuff!  You could also sautee the pulled pork before serving just to get a little char on it – think I’ll do that next time.

If you are ever in this area, I will suggest several good barbecue joints.  It’s an art, really.

Scott’s BarBQue – Lexington, TN

Central BBQ – Memphis, TN

The Bar-B-Q Shop – Memphis, TN

Rendezvous – Memphis, TN

Abe’s Barbecue – Clarksdale, MS

A friend recently told me that Interstate Barbecue is also great.  I’ve never been there, but since the Neelys are on Food Network, my guess is it is pretty good.

Now, I don’t claim that any of these places are paleo/primal.  However, if you stick with just meat and slaw, you are probably doing a good job.  The issue might be with the sauce.  Some sauces are vinegary, some are real sweet (Memphis is known for that), and some might even have gluten.  Truth is, I’m totally ok with cheating for barbecue at any of these places…


2 thoughts on “Almost Barbecue

    • We had one of those here in Oxford but I never got to try it before it closed! My coworker went to MS State (I forgive him for it) and he said it was the best. I need to try it!

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