New Year

New Year.  Typical.  Of me, at least.  Like a lot of people, I’m feeling ready to take on 2013, change my ways, clean my house, exercise.  Today is as good a day as any really to post on this blog.  As you might have guessed, I fell off the wagon during the holidays.  I pretty much threw caution to the wind and dove right into glutenous waters.  I have this problem where I think to myself, “I’ve already ruined my diet for today (or the week, or the month), so why not just eat that helping of dressing (or roll, or beer)?”  With work starting back up tomorrow, it gives me a good start to getting back into the paleo/primal lifestyle.  I love it, I really do.  And, when will I realize that eating crap makes me feel bad?  Why is this lesson so hard to learn?

On a similar, goal-oriented note, this is my fourth day without a cigarette.  I didn’t exactly mean for it to happen, but I got a cold and was laid up in the bed not wanting anything, including a cigarette.  I figured I’d take this opportunity to quit (only two weeks after my final goal date of quitting).  I’m trying to be strong about this, since I’m now feeling better and there is a pack staring at me from my coffee table, and I’m having a strong cup of coffee (no sugar).

For Christmas my parents gave me a pair of Nike Free 3.0 v4s!  Since I’m not too good at running in Vibram Five Fingers (although I wear them quite often casually and to annoy my husband), these shoes are closer to a traditional running shoe, providing a thicker sole but also more room in the toes and a flatter sole to simulate barefoot running.  I’m excited to try them out now as soon as I’m 100%.  My goal continues to be to run a 5K, officially.


I’m about to do something I’ve never, ever done before…. admit my weight in public.  I weigh 1XX* pounds.  GASP!  At 5’7″, that makes me overweight.  I’ve been avoiding the scale since I started cheating, and I’m pleasantly surprised to find that I’ve only gained back 5 pounds.

Yesterday, I saw myself as others see me.  Yesterday I spent the day lying on the couch sneezing, etc. and decided to clean out my work email inbox.  A friend sent me some photos of a night spent at a Mexican restaurant (maybe 1.5 years ago) that I had forgotten about.  I am a photographer so I am usually behind the camera, but these photos showed me that I’m so not as cute as I thought I was!  That damn mirror lied!  I admit that I was a little heavier then, but it was definitely eye-opening as I haven’t lost a lot since then.  Anyway, it’s time to fix that, right?

Happy New Year, friends.  I plan to get back to this blog often as I cook for my husband and me (yes, he’s back on paleo/primal too – he’s been feeling very swollen lately – probably the beer).

*I just can’t keep the truth up.  I will, however, post how many pounds I’ve lost if I lose.

Finally, here is a song that has nothing to do with personal plans, but art is open to interpretation:


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