It’s Cold Outside

I brought a bag with workout clothes to work on Monday in order to stay after and run around campus (I work at a university).  I figured that if I went directly from work (changing in the bathroom), I would have more daylight.  This is true.

I changed and excitedly started walking around, heading toward the football practice facility so I could hit a new pedestrian trail that leads to a long parking lot.  About 10 minutes into my walk, I realized that it is not comfortable to be outside in 35 degree weather.  I did a 2.08 mile walk/run in about 30 minutes with my Zombies Run! app.  My legs were about to freeze, especially my thighs!  Geez!  I think I might need to do it during lunch when it is warmer and the sun is out.  This requires much more planning, which I’m not so good at.  We’ll see.  I slept like a log last night, which was awesome.  I hope this is a side effect of exercising – I haven’t done it in so long that I can’t remember when I last had a good night’s sleep like last night.

Today I will probably get on my treadmill.  This will only be a possibility if our Christmas tree is miraculously missing when I get home from work.  The hubs left it up “for luck” he says since it was up during bowl season.  Happily we watched as Bama beat Notre Dame last night.  Of course they did.  SEC REPRESENT!  Also, Jesus doesn’t like rapists and neither do I.

Lastly, I’m thinking about getting a Fitbit.  I like that the Fitbit app will track eating habits, and that the data includes sleeping habits.  Plus, it wakes you up with a vibration!  Very cool.  I considered the Nike Fuel band as well, but the Fitbit seems more my style.  Anyone have a preference?


fitbit one

UPDATE!  Fitbit announced the Fitbit Flex, a wristband, no sooner than 12 hours after I posted this entry.  I am going to wait and read some reviews about the Fitbit Flex.  I like the idea of a wristband, but the Fitbit One has the nice display and apparently an altimeter that the Flex doesn’t have (not that I really need that, though, right?).  I’ll be anxiously waiting for reviews once the device is available for consumers before I purchase one.  I’m hoping the Fitbit One might go down in price!



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