I love you, Three Day Weekend.

Good morning.  Or afternoon.  I love a three day weekend.  Working at a university does have its advantages.  And, my husband is self-employed, so he generally will try not to work when I’m off so that we can hang out.  We’ve had a great few days.  Saturday we spent in Tupelo, shopping at Sam’s Club for bulk veggies.  Lots of romaine lettuce, cheap(er) avocados, red grapes (never had them, awesome), bulk almonds, etc.  We decided to grab some dinner before heading back home, and we went to a Chinese buffet.  Definitely a struggle for me.  I lived in China, so I absolutely love Chinese food.  I stuck to the following: chilled shrimp, chilled mussels (why are these always at Chinese buffets?), raw oysters (also strange), white rice, seaweed salad.  All in all I think I did well to be faced with gongbao jiding!  We decided that our visit to this particular buffet was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Highlights included watching a girl eat steak with her hands and seeing a man eat directly off the buffet with his.  I actually heard him eating before I saw him do it.  So, never going back.



Other meals this weekend were fine, and despite having some rice (and probably some hidden soy), I have at least been away from gluten.  This morning we had a lovely breakfast of fruit, eggs, and prosciutto.  To be honest, I don’t know if prosciutto is paleo/primal.  At least it isn’t gluten-y.

red grapes (enormous things), honeydew melon, two eggs, prosciutto, black coffee

red grapes (enormous things), honeydew melon, two eggs, prosciutto, black coffee

This breakfast reminded me of the first time I ever had melon and prosciutto.  My husband and I got married in Prague, Czech Republic.  It was beautiful and perfect.  I’m not one to be the center of attention, nor do I think that weddings should be extravagant.  So, we, being young and unfettered, ran away to Prague and got married.  I was studying in Cambridge for a summer during law school, and it all worked out just beautifully.  Anyway, I was thinking about that time and quickly found our photos from that day.

ah, young love

ah, young love

What’s funny is that I wasn’t really happy with my body then.  And that was about 35 pounds ago.  So, these photos are serving as inspiration for me.  I’m still on a good path, but I want to make sure I keep on it.  In addition to doing the Couch to 5K app, I am planning to do a Firm video every other day.  I started yesterday and used some weights, and my mid-section is so sore!  Good sore though!

While some people may think that doing home workout videos is silly or not serious or not hard core enough, I’m not yet comfortable enough to join a gym.  I think getting at least 20 pounds off will make me feel more confident and perhaps then I can “upgrade” to a gym.  I’m just thinking out loud now, so I’ll stop.  Enjoy your day, everyone.  I’m about to leave to take some album photos for a client and will enjoy the country drive.


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