Coconut Butter

While my town is certainly, um, progressive for Mississippi (some of us are I guess), we have never had constant access to specialty items.  I would always go to Whole Foods (during my vegan phase, lacto-ovo vegetarian phase, pescatarian phase, etc. etc.) in Memphis for specialty items like Earth Balance margarine, nutritional yeast, vegenaise, and other various sundries.  Ever since I started eating primally, I’ve been quite happy with the selection here in Oxford.  We have quite a few farmers close by who sell local grass-fed meat and dairy, a Farmer’s Market with local vegetables and some cool little foodstuffs, another Farmer’s Market, the BTC, right down the road in Water Valley, local eggs everywhere since there is lots of land to have chickens, and both Kroger and Wal-Mart for when the others don’t have something.  I prefer Kroger over Wal Mart.  For many reasons.

Last night I had a wonderful meal with my favorite Russian professor.  While I have never had her for class, we traveled together to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Tver, Russia, a few years ago, and I learned so much from her.  She is so interesting, well-read, and just a plain joy to hang out with!  We went to a Mexican place in town, and I had the carnitas.  They were really good, and I refrained from eating any of the other sides except the salad.  So, success there I guess, even when I had to go out to eat.  From there I realized we were out of some things so I went to Kroger.  I wanted to buy some unsweetened coconut to make my own coconut butter using this recipe, but the only coconut available was sweetened.  Resigned to run to Memphis this weekend, I walked to the natural foods section with little hope for unsweetened coconut.  Instead, behold:

butterI was so excited!  A new product, most likely because of some demand in my town!  My best friend, who I’ve talked about before and is a Paleo Superwoman, has been talking about the miracle of coconut butter.  She made some Paleo Reese’s Cups with coconut butter and sun butter the other day that looked delicious.  She said just eat it out of the jar, then find some recipes later.  I’ll get to that.

I also found these!

Enjoy Life chocolate!  Woot!

Enjoy Life chocolate! Woot!

It seems like every website I read talks about using Enjoy Life chocolate for desserts.  Imagine my excitement to find these hidden away near the floor.  I know they are new, I check that area every time I go to Kroger.

I got home last night and decided to take a few spoonfuls of coconut butter just to see what all the fuss is about.  I did, and it just tasted like coconut oil.  Hmm…

In the meantime, I actually got a text from my friend about something else, and I sent her the news that coconut butter is all up in the ‘sip.  We sent some messages back and forth, and her last one was:

“Wait!  One more thing!  You have to heat the coconut butter up and stir it before you eat it!  Very important.  Otherwise you’ll just get the oil in the top.”

Mystery solved.

This morning I put heated, stirred coconut butter in my coffee.  Although I’ve seen this usage noted in other websites, I can’t get over drinking solids.  It pretty much looked like this until the end, when it was even more solid:

also, my workspace

also, my workspace

Coconut milk would be fine and less solid.  I usually take my coffee black, so I’m not inclined to do this again.  I know “they” say that coconut is good for you every day, so maybe I should start taking coconut butter or milk in my coffee.  What are your favorite ways to incorporate coconut?  What do you use coconut butter for?




2 thoughts on “Coconut Butter

  1. Scramble as much coconut oil into your eggs as possible, with curry powder and salt! Yum. And coconut butter is best unadulterated…just eat it like ice cream. Really expensive ice cream.

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