It’s been a little over a month since I last posted here, so here’s an update for any curious reader out there.  I’m up to running 8 – 10 minutes during my walk/runs.  This is up from zero, so yay.  My goal is to walk and run in intervals for 45 minutes, hoping to do this every other day at the least.  I’m taking it one day at a time, but now that I’ve gotten used to getting on the treadmill, I am actually wanting to get on it, so sometimes it becomes an every day thing.  Teaching a night class (6:00 – 8:30) does make Tuesdays really long, so I’m usually beat and just want to get home those days – otherwise I am making time for it.  I’m actually pretty proud of myself.  My goal is to work up to a 5k, perhaps run a race this year, and go farther from there.

I wish I were a person who could exercise in the morning.  I told my husband I wanted to start getting on the treadmill in the morning, since it only takes about an hour, and he said, “That would be great.”  I said, “Do you think I can do it?”  To which he replied, “I think you can try.”  Sweet thing, not wanting to call me out.  I’m totally “trying” and by that I mean thinking really hard about getting up early.

As far as eating is concerned, I’ve made a couple of really good meatloaves!  I used to hate meatloaf, but these have been pretty good.  I made one from Paleo Pot in the Crock Pot, and last night I made a Paleo Meat Loaf with Mushrooms from Paleo Leap.  I think I like the taste of last night’s better than the Paleo Pot one, but the convenience of using the Crock Pot just can’t be beat.  I used ground turkey in both meatloaves.  I found ground turkey for $2.99/lb on Sunday so I bought 5 pounds!

I ate three slices of the mushroom meatloaf and half a sweet potato.  Yum.

I ate three slices of the mushroom meatloaf and half a sweet potato. Yum.

All in all, I’ve been trying to keep my carb intake low.  I bought 36 eggs on sale at Kroger, so I’ve been hard boiling 4 – 6 at night and eating 2 for breakfast over the next few days.  Those along with a swig of chia gel keeps me full until lunch, sometimes even all day.  Yes, I’ve been eating chia seeds every day.

I started making chia smoothies in the morning during the month of January, usually with about 3 tablespoons of chia gel, some coconut milk, half a banana, blueberries or pineapple, and water.  I noticed that while really tasty, I was eating a lot of sugar every morning with these smoothies.  I’ve given it up at least for a bit since I’m trying to lose weight at the moment.  I did notice that since I’ve started eating chia seeds, my stomach has been much more calm.  I won’t elaborate any more unless you really really want to know, but I think they are magical.  So, I’ve continued to just eat chia gel every morning (a tablespoon or so) and wash it down with water.  The texture is a little weird…

There's a bunch of chopped up chia seeds and blueberries in this one.

There’s a bunch of chopped up chia seeds and blueberries in this one.

Chia Gel

1/3 cup of chia seeds (I use Bob’s Red Mill)

2 cups water

1 jar

Combine, shake up, within a few minutes you’ll have chia gel.  It’s really cool.  To avoid clumping, just shake intermittently for the first ten minutes.  I keep the jar in the fridge.  Some sites say it can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 weeks.  So far I’ve had mine in there for about 12 days, and I’m not feeling sick.  Sometimes I take a swig before exercising since it is supposed to give you energy – I don’t know how to measure that one though.

I experimented with not drinking during the month of January.  I knew that alcohol made me vulnerable to smoking, and during this sensitive time where I’m not smoking but still kinda want a cigarette (especially after shitty days), having a drink might just be the devil on my shoulder.  So, I’ve abstained, and I’ve kept the practice going for the most part.  I’ve had some wine on a couple occasions and some really fancy whiskey drinks from my most favorite restaurant in Oxford, Snackbar.  The Blood and Sand cocktail is great after a long day, and one or two’ll do ya.

Finally, I ventured over to Lamar Lounge, another restaurant by the folks who’ve brought us Snackbar, with some friends for a drink on Saturday.  I hadn’t had dinner, so I ordered some of their homemade pork rinds and some red wine.  That’s Paleo, right?


I’m telling you, these things are fantastic.  I haven’t tried the other food at Lamar Lounge, and I am very particular about barbecue.  I come from whole hog country, and if what they say is true about Lamar Lounge cooking whole hogs, it should have some good barbecue.

Finally, a verdict on coconut oil as moisturizer.  It is not for me.  Not only does it make my face and neck feel so greasy, it clogs my pores.  I tried.


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