This blog has been a work in progress for about two years now.  As a recent blog post about taking control mentions, it has taken me a while to get here and to a good place.

I wanted to include a little bit about myself.  I don’t know how many of you actually read this blog, but it is always better, I think, to know a little about the person who is writing these random things down.

– A few of my favorite movies are Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Reality Bites, and The Blues Brothers.  There are others in the top 10, like Lord of the Rings, Halloween, and Star Wars, but I regularly quote from the first three.  You know how excited I was that my town got a Circle K last year?  I can now say, in all honesty, that something strange is afoot at the Circle K.

– I lived in China and have traveled many times to Thailand, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.  I have a love of all things Asian: decor, food, spirituality, etc.  I realize this is a broad, sweeping statement, but I am very serious and genuine about my love of East Asia and the unique cultures found within it.

– I could eat sushi every day.

– I was blonde until I was about 20 when I started dyeing my hair.  Since then, I’ve had a wide variety of shades, but I always go back to blonde.  I think I may go red in the next few weeks.

– I am a photographer.  I love taking photos and get paid for it sometimes.

– I have four dogs and a rabbit.  I’m pretty much obsessed with all of them.

I have also recently combined two blogs into this one.  Some chronology inconsistencies may appear, but as of January 2014 things should go forward smoothly.

Find me on elsewhere on the web:

Blair McElroy Photography 

Blair McElroy Photography – Facebook


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