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I Am Charlotte SimmonsI Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

While I think that this book is a satire on the attitudes and activities of college students as told by an experience author, I believe it falls very short of engaging the audience. The characters were not likable, except perhaps Jojo, who seemingly turned his life around. I found myself straining to get through the almost 700 pages of redundancy. While I wanted to feel for Charlotte as she dealt with depression and date rape, which are certainly important issues facing college students today, I just couldn’t! It’s almost as if her character developed at some point before the incident with Hoyt that was never communicated to the reader.

Also, if I had to read the words “concupiscent” or any of the “big” words Mr. Wolfe threw at us many times in the book again, I would have pulled my hair out. And, we get that Charlotte speaks with a Southern accent. Explaining how she speaks (ex. dee-ud) is not necessary and is fairly insulting.

The only positive thing I can say about the book is that it does portray fraternity parties in a realistic way; however, that did not make me want to keep reading it! It was almost painful to remember how silly it all was.

His previous works are so much better! Hi, I am Tom Wolfe, and I can write without an editor now that I am old.

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I heart Stephen King… novels.

I love Halloween.  I love horror movies (especially zombie movies).  Even more than horror movies, I love horror novels.  Stephen King is the master.  You think you’ll never be able to finish a book that is over 1,000 pages?  Just read a Stephen King book, and you’ll finish it in a week, tops.

In an age where fictional vampires can go outside during daylight hours and live amongst humans*, Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot is so refreshing (not to mention any of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, more on that another time).  I re-read it not too long ago and was reminded of how scary and secretive vampires are supposed to be.

I also read IT about 2 months ago, for the first time.  It was amazing.  A monster that can subliminally transform into someone’s greatest fear is frightening.  And It’s normal form is a clown!  Have mercy!

Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown in "It" the movie

This brings me to the point of this post.  I watched “IT” the movie yesterday.  I’m probably the last person to see this movie, since it came out in 1990, but I watched it because I wanted to compare it to the book.  Despite Tim Curry being exceptionally fitting for the part of Pennywise the Clown, this was a complete let-down.  I knew it couldn’t be nearly as detailed as the book, but the screenplay changed details without a reason to do so.  The climax – really?  They all killed IT?  If you have read the book and seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about.  Oh, and the woefully miscast “John Boy” as Big Bill.  I could go on…

Read Stephen King!  He is a master of horror, of prose, of connecting his stories throughout his entire catalog.  You won’t regret it!

*I am, of course, referring to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series.  I read it, and I wish I had those hours back.  She is awful, her books are awful, and those vampires should burn in the sunlight.  Oh wait, they’ll just sparkle.

Here is my review of the Twilight series on Goodreads.  Like I said, I wish I could give it zero stars.