5 Day Weekend!

I haven’t had a day off in forever.  I decided to take off Thursday and Friday to make my weekend a 5 Day Weekend!  Woo!  Party starts tonight!  Just kidding.  Going home to “play” Zombies Run! on the treadmill, then having some friends over to grill out afterwards.  Guess what is my new best friend?  The grill.  I can throw just about anything on it, and it will be good.  I’m trying to think of what I can make tonight for dinner…  Maybe kebabs, maybe grilled chicken wings (best food on the planet), perhaps some stuffed jalapenos.  I’ll let the Farmer’s Market talk to me this afternoon.  Maybe I can even sneak out a few minutes early…

This weekend is going to be full of productive stuff, I just know it.  I’m helping my husband paint his studio and clean up for a televised music special that will be recorded this weekend.  I also plan to take a drive into the country to take some photos – I want to have a booth at an upcoming festival and need some country “flavor” in my work.  Plus, people from outside the South will buy any photo with cotton (or other various agricultural things), guitars/musicians (especially old ones), or landmarks.  I’d love to make some money from what I would call “commercial” work rather than the projects I’m currently working on.  I’ve gotten off track.

I am just so happy with how this is going that I am not going to stop.  I’ll let y’all know about tonight’s party eats.


The Road Goes Ever On

Time to reflect.  What a month!  I am so excited to have completed it, except for that one flub.  I blame The Flaming Lips and my lack of self-control.  Ruined a perfect game with 4 beers.  Ok, not going to dwell on it.  Here is what I’ve noticed after 30 days.

I have lost 12 pounds!  I have not felt this good about myself in a long time.  I know I have a way to go, seeing as I’d like to lose a total of 40 pounds, but I’m off to a good start.

I hate waking up in the morning.  HATE IT.  But I have found that I feel much better in the mornings.  Not as cloudy as before.  I so wish I was one of those people who could wake up at 6:00 am, exercise, and then get ready for work at 8:00 am.  However, I am not that person.  Maybe that will be my next goal.  At least then I’d exercise more regularly.

Speaking of exercise, I have actually had the motivation and energy to exercise after work.  I mentioned that I wanted to use the Zombies Run! app on my iPhone, and it is actually really fun!  While I can’t yet run for long periods of time, I am walking really fast and varying the incline on my treadmill for at least 35 minutes.  I’ve also started using an old school The Firm set of videos and weights.  My arms look like ham hocks and using the weights will help.  A Crossfit gym just opened in my town too, and once I get to a point where my weight will not hold me back from doing those intense exercises, I plan to join.  Hopefully in a couple months.

I don’t have cravings for sweets.  I’ve even started taking my coffee black!  I used to put two Truvia packets in my coffee every morning, but after reading about the effect that artificial sweeteners have on insulin, I decided just to get used to taking it black.  I feel like a hard core coffee drinker now.  I can’t say I won’t ever have any real ice cream or chocolate, but to be honest, I don’t miss them!

I have reduced my Diet Cokes to about 2 per day.  I know this is still bad (and hypocritical, seeing as I ousted Truvia from my coffee), but I’ve been drinking more water because I feel like my body WANTS it.  It’s also 103 degrees outside, so water is pretty darn tasty right now.

Remember how I drank 4 beers that night?  Ok, ok, not dwelling…  After that night though, I noticed significant changes.  Bloating, sluggishness, and (TMI) big differences in the frequency of my visits to the ladies’ room, the urgency and pain were quite uncomfortable.  So, perhaps I’m the one, not the hubs, who has a gluten sensitivity.  I read somewhere that your allergies can change every 7 years (or is that hair color?).  Perhaps when I was about 28 was when I developed a slight intolerance.  Who knows.  All I know is that I am much more comfortable after getting back on the gluten-free wagon.  Thanks, Paleo!

Finally, I realized that a lot of my poor habits came from my lack of self-control and tendency to drink alcohol.  I feel like I am an average drinker for the town I live in.  Looking back, I’d go to happy hour and have several beers without food, grab some beer and go back to the house, then order chicken wings (seriously, the best food on the planet) and sandwiches, only to wake up feeling like ass, hungover and unable to function at work.  Then I’d say something like, “I just want a big ol’ hamburger with beans and fries from Handy Andy” and have no qualms about it because I felt like it would make me feel better (this didn’t happen every day, but enough for me to feel like crap a few times a month.  And we all know that hangovers increase in pain as we get older…).  I created a vicious cycle of poor habits, and after this month it has given me a renewed sense of self and what is good for me.

Thank you to everyone who has commented or liked my posts!  It really helped to read your blogs and hear what you have to say about your own lifestyle and what works for you!  I also feel like I was accountable to y’all – so thank YOU!

I plan to keep up this blog as I cook, exercise, and maybe even make some mistakes.  I look forward to having y’all on this journey and learning more and more about how to get myself into a place I love.

Starting Over

Dear Bananafish, I am ready to start again.  Tomorrow I will begin walking and maybe running, all in my Vibram Five Fingers shoes.  I have been watching and reading about the benefits of barefoot running, and I’m convinced that it is the best way, regardless of my first try and resulting injury.

I’ve been feeling really down lately.  A lot of it has to do with my dealing (or not dealing) with my father’s illness and recovery.  It will be three months since his transplant next weekend.  While his liver function continues to be stable, he still feels bad.  In addition to him being on the edge right before Christmas, the doctors also believe he had a stroke while he was in ICU, and it has affected his speech which is the most tangible result of the entire ordeal.  I can’t feel his pain inside, but I can hear how much his body has gone through in the past three months.  I am just really sad about the whole thing, and I know I shouldn’t be, for he will get better and feel better.  And it wasn’t even me who had the surgery or lived at the hospital for 47 days.  I continue to feel guilty about so many things, including the way I treat my own body and how I don’t think I have been there enough for him.  I’m wallowing, I know.  And I spent all day literally wallowing on the couch, and I have no more respect for myself.  Thus this post and tomorrow’s beginning.  Again.  Stay with me.

Here’s a video I found that I think will help in making sure I am running correctly.  I think it is helpful.