It’s been awhile…  It’s been a short, hot summer.  I’ve been up to a few things, and now that summer is officially over (I work at a university, so when school starts back the summer is O-V-E-R).  Move in day was yesterday and today.  THEY’RE HEEERRRE!  Eek.  I do not even want to leave the house for fear of seeing hordes of people.

So, June started with me teaching a class (extra scratch, always good) and trying out a new diet.  I say diet, but I mean it as “lifestyle.”  My husband and I began eating the Paleo/Primal way, and it has made such a huge difference in our lives.  It is amazing how cutting out certain things shows you how bad you felt before.  I hate getting out of the bed in the morning.  If I could live in the bed, I would (well, probably not, but you get the picture).  When I was being super strict during our 30 day challenge, I felt great about 2 weeks in.  Great I tell you!  As much as I made fun of my best friend for not eating gluten, dairy, beans, etc. I am eating my words right now.  I love it and highly recommend it.  Here are some websites I visit often for recipes, tips, Q&A:

Mark’s Daily Apple

Robb Wolf

Nom Nom Paleo – she even has an iPad app with easy to follow recipes

I also started using the Zombies! Run app on my iPhone for work outs.  Super fun.  Highly recommended as well, if you like post-apocalyptic survival type stuff and running from zombie hordes.

At the end of July, I served as a friend’s second photographer at a wedding, which was awesome.  I knew the bride and the photographer really well, and he asked me to be his second.  I learned a lot from him, and I have some more work to add to my growing portfolio.  Haven’t had a lot of time to devote to photography lately, but I do love shooting weddings.  Funny, since I don’t really like to attend them.  More to come this fall!

Remember the Curiosity rover?  Well, I LOVE space.  I’ve been thinking a lot about how I wish I’d become an astronaut (I’d now be out of a job though, unfortunately), so I am inspired to learn to take those beautiful night sky photos I keep seeing.  Just for me to have, and maybe put up in my house.  In fact, the moon is new tomorrow, and I might just have to try it out tomorrow night!  Oh wait, I’m going to see DURAN DURAN tomorrow night in Memphis!  Awesome.  Maybe Saturday night.

As a result of my new found well-being (well-getting there, more like), I have set up a goal for myself.  A 5K.  Really, just 5K?  Not a trendy marathon?  Yes.  When I ran cross country in high school, after the last race I ran at the State Championship, I said “I’ll never run 3 miles again.”  And I haven’t yet.  But this year will be the year!  I just need to find one within a reasonable period of time.

What have YOU been doing?