Hey You Guys!

Fun stuff. Don’t know about Martin Lawrence being in here though. Marlon Brando sure has a few. The horror!


Breaking dishes

As I was washing dishes this morning, I realized that the quantity of my cereal bowls has diminished slowly over time.  I don’t remember what happened to the other three, but I know exactly where one of them went: in the garbage.

I have a quick temper, and I get defensive quickly.  Generally I don’t throw things when I get angry, but one morning I was preparing scrambled eggs and got mad at the hubs.  Instead of doing something normal, I threw the bowl, with two beaten, raw eggs in it, across the kitchen.  Of course, I can’t remember what I was upset about, and we made up almost immediately, which always happens.

So, to anyone with tendencies to break things, the inevitable humiliation of cleaning up the mess you made is not worth the satisfaction that bowl makes when it cracks on the floor.

This makes me sound crazy, but I promise, I’ve only done this once which is why I remember it.  Well, maybe a cell phone once or twice…